Medical Grade Stainless Steel Passivation

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Passivation

Stainless steel spontaneously forms a protective passivation film on the surface due to its material characteristics, and therefore has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and increased surface coating adhesion. In the general storage environment of stainless steel, there will be contaminants attached to the surface, including dust, grease, oxides or free iron contacted during processing, etc., through a complete passivation process, the contamination on the surface is removed, allowing it, the surface, to grow back to a uniform passivation film.

In the view of quality management of medical devices, the production process has certain requirements. The stainless steel passivation process provided by Newtech is different from the general passivation process outside. The process has to comply with the ISO13485 medical device quality management system. The passivation fluid, after precise fluid control, forms a smooth passivation layer with a high content of Cr on the surface.

Industrial application :

Food industry, medical industry, aerospace industry, mechanical parts, electronic parts, sports equipment.

Medical Grade Titanium Anodizing

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Passivation

Titanium itself is a highly reducing metal. It spontaneously forms a dense and passive oxide film on the surface, making it highly resistant to corrosion. Even if it is immersed in sea water for a long time, there will be no oxidation and rust. In addition, because of its low density, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature mechanical properties, and good biocompatibility, it is an excellent structural and functional material, and has been widely used in aviation, space, ships, chemical, automotive, sports and leisure, and biomedical materials.

Pure titanium metal has low rejection to the human body, is not easy to release ions in the body, and is non-toxic. It has been used in medicine and has been very mature and widely used, such as: bone plates and bone nails, tooth roots, artificial joints, dental nails, heart valves, artificial bones And other medical equipment. In medical operations or other operations, considering the time and identifiability of the operation, the workpiece will be required to be quickly identified through color, size, type, etc. In view of the quality requirements of medical devices, the production process has certain specifications. The titanium metal anode color development process provided by Newtech is different from the general passivation process outside. Because the titanium metal oxide layer is very thin (200 ~ 900nm), a stable and controllable process is required to ensure the quality can be consistent. Therefore, our entire manufacturing process not only meets the specifications of the ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system, but also on the basis of the most suitable and stable operation methods through our own experiments to provide customers with safety, peace of mind and stability.

Industrial application :

Medical industry, food industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, mechanical parts, electronic parts, sports equipment, chemical industry, automobile industry, etc.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless Nickel Plating

The traditional electroplating nickel plating, mainly through the current, produces a coating on the surface of the workpiece, and often causes uneven coating thickness of the workpiece due to the high or low current or the weak electric dead angle. The principle of electroless nickel (Electroless Nickel) is that the workpiece only needs to be immersed in the electroless plating solution, without the aid of any anode plate and electrode tools, and the plating layer will adhere to the surface with the most perfect contact.

This technology is currently widely used in the surface treatment of precision products. It has become a leading trend and is widely used by design engineers today.

  1. Uniform coating, high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, almost any metal can be processed
  2. The electroplating layer has strong adhesion, few pinholes, excellent gloss and natural lubricity
  3. The hardness of the coating is HV500 degrees (HRC50), if it is reprocessed, the hardness of the coating can reach HV1000 (HRC70) instead of hard chrome
  4. It can improve the shortcomings of general electroplating that are easy to peel off and crack, and the weldability is good

Steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, powder metallurgy..etc.

Aerospace industry, automobile industry, optoelectronic industry, precision instrument, electronics industry, chemical industry, mold industry, food industry, communication industry, textile industry, micro-electromechanical industry, semiconductor industry

High speed lead frame plating

High Speed Lead Frame Plating

Tin is a soft metal with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidizing power after tin plating. Tin is non-toxic, so it is often used in food and beverage containers.

In addition, the tin plating layer has good solder wettability, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, conductivity and other characteristics, and can provide high-strength steel nitriding shielding. It is widely used in printed circuit boards, semiconductor devices and various electronic components, etc. . At Xinqi, we provide high-speed wire tin plating for semiconductors and general tin plating. Welcome to inquire.

Reel to reel silver plating

Reel-to-Reel Silver Plating

Silver is a soft metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity, low contact resistance, and chemical resistance. In the early days, silver plating was mostly used in tableware and accessories. With the development of the electronics industry, it began to be used in electronic components such as LEDs, waveguides, connectors, communication devices, and semiconductors. Silver plating was used to reduce the resistance of metal parts and improve Weldability of metal. In the application of bearing surfaces and fasteners, the main focus is to prevent scratches or welding at high temperatures.

Industrial application :

Jewelry industry, automotive industry, optoelectronic industry, precision instrument, electronics industry, communication industry, textile industry, micro-electromechanical industry, semiconductor industry

One stop service

One-Stop Service

Inheriting more than 40 years of experience in surface treatment technology from the parent company Sun Castle Group, Newtech was established in 1998 to expand service to existing customers and provide precision electroplating services to meet the increasing needs of customers. The precision electroplating and lead-free surface treatment of the parts are mainly used, and the subsequent extensions to other surface treatments such as the defense industry and the automotive industry.

In order to provide more flexible and focused services, we provide a closer partnership and cooperation approach, and jointly create production lines with customers, and cooperate with the realization of products at different product life cycle stages, such as: Taichung Sanyo Electronics, lead-free automatic production line, Jiaying -Lite-On, two machines and four lines-LED production line, American Silicon Valley company, green energy wafer surface treatment production line, etc.

If you have complete product development needs, we provide one-stop engineering services, from mold development, machining, surface treatment to packaging, one-stop professional services, eliminating the complicated communication caused by your multiple windows and possible quality doubts. We welcome you at any time and hope to explore more business opportunities and create a win-win partnership through discussions and cooperation.

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