Welcome to Newtech

Welcome to Newtech

The 1st Smart Medical Surface Treatment Center in Taiwan

Working with MIRDC in 2021, Newtech has ambitiously established the first Smart Medical Surface Treatment Center based on our highly experienced professionalism to offer total solutions to our customers and partners both locally or overseas.

In our SMSTC, we will apply multi-skill technologies to cope with the need of modern multi-process manufacturing for our customers via intense interactions with official, industrial, and academic institutions.

In addition to the stainless steel anodizing and titanium colorization processes, the high-speed tin/silver plating, electroless nickel plating, special silicon surface treatment and customer-oriented development process are also provided here in Newtech.

For overseas partners, brand agents, and distributors, we offer one-stop manufacturing service, from mold toolings, machining processes, surface treatments to packagings, to avoid troubles caused by multi-contact window and decrease the risk of defect.

You are welcomed to write us to explore more business opportunities and initiate our win-win partnership.

Exquisite Life

Exquisite Life

Safe and Contamination Free Metal Finishing Products

We also design and sell our own work of art! Lots of products made with or coated with metal materials in our daily life such as food containers, hand tools, electronics, even art works and jewelries. How much do we understand the manufacturing process of them, and how safe are they? In Newtech, we seek the responsibilities of providing safe and contamination free products and guarding users’ health and protecting green environments.

Why choose us ?

why choose us ?

More than 20 years’ technical hands-on experience :

Newtech, founded in 1998, inheriting more than 40 years’ surface treatment hands-on know-how from the mother company Sun Castle Global Tech, is dedicated to provide extensive services to our customers in the field of surface finishing process.

Strong customized process provider :

Newtech wil provide customized processes to meet either the flexibility, product life time design or different specification requirements per customers’ request.

ESG as our core base :

Evaluate our goals of company continuous growth, the environment protection, and sustaining investors’ interest by focusing on the ESG issues.

One-stop service :

Newtech provides high-quality tooling development, machining design, surface treatment process manufacturing, and final packaging design to our customers to save cost and time.

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