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Welcome to NEWTECH

Welcome to Newtech

Working with MIRDC in 2021, Newtech has established the first Smart Medical Surface Treatment Center (SMSTC) based on our highly experienced professionalism to offer total solutions to our customers and partners both locally and overseas.

In our SMSTC, we will apply multi-skill technologies to cope with the need of modern multi-process manufacturing for our customers via intense interactions with official, industrial, and academic institutions.

In addition to the stainless steel anodizing and titanium colorization processes, the high-speed tin/silver plating, electroless nickel plating, special silicon surface treatment and customer-oriented development process are also provided here in Newtech.

For overseas partners, brand agents, and distributors, we offer one-stop manufacturing service, from mold toolings, machining processes, surface treatments to packagings, to avoid troubles caused by multi-contact window and decrease the risk of defect.

You are welcomed to write us to explore more business opportunities and initiate our win-win partnership.

Company Profile

Newtech was founded in 1998 in Taichung providing surface treatment services to international well known customers in the area of mid of Taiwan mainly in the field of semiconductor industry.

With the new era of public environmental awareness, both the government and social organization are urging the development of related green products such as in energy saving and less resource consuming. The markets of electric cars, solar panels, and new batteries are therefore merging immediately. Newtech, based on our related electronics manufacturing experiences, started to setup a new energy business in 2018 involving in the battery assembly, energy storage and related key parts surface finishing process.

In 2020, when the pandemic COVID-19 started to threat, NewTech had begun the tech-exchange platform with government. Working with MIRDC in 2021, Newtech has ambitiously established the first Smart Medical Surface Treatment Center in Taiwan based on our highly experienced professionalism to offer total solutions to our customers and partners both locally or overseas in the applications of anti-bacterial, anti-contamination, biocompatibility, and titanium colorization for medical use.

In 2021, we will further upgrade technologies of our process for better quality and better services.


Sustainable operation and development is our faith and goal. In analogue to the race of marathons, to win is highly dependent on the sustainable will and training, in addition to the speed and power.

We stick with the virtue of honesty, professionalism, creativity, and service and continue to improve and challenge the changes. Based on the steady cooperations with our customers for prosperous future, NewTech will not only operate in Taiwan but will also has plans for globalization.

In pursuing the growth, NewTech has always kept the environment protection and social responsibility in our focus. There is no limit set for investing resources for reducing carbon release, improving waste water treatment and endeavoring to fulfill social responsibility.

Alchemy, for peace of mind

Metal has long been all over the food, clothing, housing and transportation of life. From the steel of the food utensils to the silver for wearing jewelry, every piece of metal utensils is closely related to the health and safety of yourself and your family. “To make every piece of metal 100% safe” is our promise, mission, and professional self-confidence that comes naturally after decades of metal processing experience. We understand that every metal, from stainless steel to aluminum alloy, can provide the most suitable treatment process for it, not only can improve the performance of anti-corrosion, but also achieve medical-grade refining and purification technology, giving each metal living utensils natural. The tough protective layer strictly controls the food and living safety of everyone, so that everyone can live with peace of mind.

Perfection, a better life

“The choice of every piece of living devices is one step closer to the life you want.” We understand that life should not be compromised with mediocrity and generality; common metalware should also have the height of an artwork. Therefore, through ingenious craftsmanship and meticulous color refining technology, our chain-tempered metal has become an elegant product. As long as it is placed in the home, it can create a unique and beautiful scenery-bringing convenience to daily life and bringing beauty to life.

Competitive edges

More than 20 years’ experiences

Newtech, founded in 1998, inheriting more than 40 years’ surface treatment hands-on know-how from the mother company, Sun Castle Global Tech, is dedicated to provide extensive services to our customers in the field of surface finishing process, starting within the field of semi-conductor and electronics, then extending to the military and transportation industries.

Customerization capability :

Newtech wil provide customized processes to meet either the flexibility, product life time design or different specification requirements per customers’ request.

ESG as our responsibility

In order to fulfill the member of global community, we evaluate our goals of continuous growth, the environment protection, and sustaining investors’ interest by focusing on the ESG issues.

One-stop service

Newtech provides high-quality tooling development, machining design, surface treatment process manufacturing, and final packaging design to our customers to save cost and time, avoid multi-communication complex, and maintaine high quality level.

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