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Water resources

In the surface treatment process, water plays a key role. From the initial stage of its business, Newtech has been planning for the three stages of water resources management, and has been one of the pioneers in the industry to invest in environmental protection. From the analysis of the application of water resources circulation at all levels, the construction of related management measures will maximize the efficiency of each drop of water in the plant area.

In order to achieve the goal, we have set five actions: source management, water recycling, wastewater resource maximization, water diversification, and external cooperation to implement water resources management and take into account economic growth and the environment.


In terms of waste management, Newtech first focuses on reduction and recycling from the source. While continuously pursuing process and quality improvement, we also collaborate with customers and third-party manufacturers to continue to minimize the use of resources to achieve the optimal and minimized raw materials. At the same time, for reusable raw materials, full recycling is carried out, such as: silver waste liquid extraction and reuse.


As a member of environmental protection, Newtch continues to promote and implement energy management policies, including environmental protection measures such as the use of energy-saving equipment, renewal of power-consuming equipment, waste reduction, classification, recycling and reuse. In addition, it has also continued to discuss related e-commerce. Equipment, really control the related usage and effective management.

Social responsibilty


Human Resource Policy

HR is an important asset for the development of an enterprise. In this regard, Newtech has set three goals, attracting talents, good labor-management relations, and talent development and education, so that every colleague can use the employment environment provided by Newtech. In addition to contributing what we can, at the same time we continue to learn and grow to create a better future for ourselves, the company and the society.

Social Participation

From the enterprise to the society, the extension of care and love, upholding the belief and mission of mutual benefit in society, Newtech directly and indirectly passes on love to public welfare organizations and disadvantaged groups through occasional volunteer services and donations. While pursuing corporate profits, we also give back to the society.


Corporate Governance

Newtech firmly believes that the integrity of corporate governance is not only related to the development of the company, but also to the economic stability of the region.
Therefore, in addition to pursuing development in the industry, we are committed to corporate governance. We insist on operating transparency, paying attention to shareholder rights, and believe a sound and efficient board of directors is the foundation of good corporate governance.

At the same time, we create good interactions with all stakeholders, fulfill our corporate citizenship responsibilities, and pursue our sustainable future.

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